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gotta get worse before it gets better

my parents are splitting up.
it was announced officially this morning.
suzanne is going to move in with Aunt Sally this week.
i knew it was coming, but i didnt.
i was assuming the worst, and hoping it wouldnt be that bad.
i kept talking like i knew what was going to happen.
this hurts so bad, nothing could have prepared me for how awful this is.
i thought it would be okay.
gil is mad.
we dont know what will happen in the long run.
i've been thinking about it for two days, but there are no scenarios that seem right.
i dont even know what is going on with kelsy. on thursday when gil was crying and crying, all kelsy wanted to know was if we were still getting pizza for dinner (no.)
i have been crying all morning.
it feels really weird to shower and cry at the same time.
it's impossible to brush your teeth and cry. snot gets in the way.
now i'm systematically trying to tell my friends, but it's hard when i cant breathe to speak. so here it is.

in a few years, i may potentially have four mommies.


the third one only makes sense after you watch the second one.

not so commanding

yes, i did just spend 93 dollars on yummy sushi pajamas. yes, i do have a very selfish spending problem. i need to stop shopping online. in a bad way. also, undies are a new secret addiction. ALOHA!

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